Saturday, December 9, 2023

Memory match game

Suitable for ages 3 and up. Tap the button below to download the game and experience it with Sunstar Games

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Introduction to the Game

Right from the start, parents, let's nurture your child's logical thinking. The ultimate ally in this endeavor is memory-enhancing educational games. After all, toddlers absorb and comprehend information much better in a fun and vibrant way.

🚀 Game Features:

  • Educational game for 5-year-olds
  • Bright tile-matching game
  • Fun and offline gameplay
  • Beneficial for both boys and girls
  • Guidance in educational games for toddlers
  • Two-player games available
  • Three gameplay modes
  • Achievements and profiles
  • Pleasant music

The memory tile-matching game for kids is an excellent way to spend time not only for kids but also for adults. The puzzle games feature two exciting modes: "Match Pair" and "Connecting games." The first version of the puzzle game contains various cards depending on the difficulty level, each with pairs of identical images. The goal of these free learning games for toddlers is to find matching pairs, click on them, remember what's on the reverse side, and match all the pairs.

With the help of the tile-connecting intelligence game, children learn concepts such as "pair," "different," and "similar." Thus, learning becomes an incredibly fun activity, and children enthusiastically absorb new things. The second mode of the game for toddlers, "Connecting Tiles," includes squares with pictures of gloves and socks that need to be paired. This sensory game for kids will significantly enhance memory. Kids love competitions, and that's why we can play with a friend. Setting new records together is very exciting. This app includes a countdown timer and a "Two-Player Game" mode.

The goal of the puzzle game is similar to that in "Match Pair" mode. Playing randomly for a while, the child not only develops and improves memory but also attention, reasoning, and many other useful skills. The free offline game for both boys and girls includes 4 categories: animals, plants, insects, and fruits and vegetables. By playing these intelligent games, kids not only have a carefree and enjoyable time but also gain more understanding of the world around them. Logic games for kids can be performed with you on the go. Install the game and enhance your memory skills with these free educational games for kids.