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Math & Logic games for kids

Math & Logic games for kids

Math & Logic Games for Kids

Rated 4.5 stars - Suitable for ages 3 and up. Tap the button below to download the game and experience it with Sunstar Games


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Introduction to the Game

Welcome to SpeedyMind Academy, where learning becomes a thrilling adventure! Dive into the world of math and logic while practicing essential concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, logic, and focus. Perfect for students in grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 4, our math games for kids provide an excellent way to sharpen the mind, boost intelligence, and enhance memory and concentration.

Embark on an exciting journey with our playful unicorn, Ky, as you explore the captivating realm of math and logic. The game allows you to choose the difficulty level for all tasks, including mathematical operations and logic puzzles, catering to every elementary school grade (K-5):

  • Preschool: Simple logic games and attention exercises, addition and subtraction up to 10.

  • Grade 1, Grade 2: Develop logical reasoning, practice addition and subtraction, learn multiplication and division.

  • Grade 3, Grade 4: Hone logic skills and master mental math.

By completing tasks, children earn encouraging rewards, making the problem-solving process more engaging and enjoyable. With a vibrant and unique design, delightful characters, and creative challenges, the game ensures your child's satisfaction, turning math practice into a thrilling adventure.

Our game features over 500 exciting tasks across three categories:

  • Math Games: Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.

  • Logic Games: Sequencing, pattern recognition, ratios, and more.

  • Focus Games: Find the correct shadow, spot the similarities or differences, and others.

Are you ready? Dive in! Play and master your skills! 😉