Saturday, December 9, 2023

Mathmage: A fun math for kids!

Mathmage: A fun math for kids!

Mathmage: A fun math for kids!


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Mathmage: A Magical Math Adventure

Welcome to Mathmage, an epic educational math game designed for young wizards aged 5-9! Dive into an interactive and entertaining adventure where kids learn to unravel logic puzzles and practice the art of "mathematical magic." By aiding the game's heroes in overcoming obstacles, children unconsciously enhance their mathematical abilities. Mathmage not only hones basic programming and arithmetic skills but also makes logical thinking development exciting and engaging.

However, the most crucial aspect is that children discover the enchanting world of mathematics without even realizing it! Everyone knows that kids learn much better and faster when they're entertained. That's why the mathematical elements of the game seamlessly integrate into the adventurous storyline. The result? Kids learn math without the boredom of traditional exercises. Instead, they are introduced to the fascinating world of numbers at its best. Mathematics becomes more intriguing with Mathmage!

🌟 Features:

  • Kids learn elementary arithmetic and logic skills.
  • Personalized learning to match each child's progress.
  • Adaptive gameplay ensures kids learn at their own pace.
  • Math and logic tasks become more challenging as players progress.
  • Developed in close collaboration with math teachers and education experts.
  • Encourages "unconscious" learning through fun games.
  • Promotes practicing basic math and learning new mathematical skills.
  • Games include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division.
  • Memory games and brain-teasing exercises.
  • Basic programming games and more!

🚀 Game Content:

  • 5 comic book introduction chapters detailing the Mathmage story and characters.
  • 23 adventure levels with fun math games for kids.
  • 4 comic book chapters concluding the Mathmage tale.

FREE TRIAL! Download Mathmage from Google Play. Experience the comic book introduction and the first 7 levels for FREE! Embark on the magical journey now!