Saturday, December 9, 2023


Attention, gamers! Get ready to power up your curiosity with the Squla app, available for both tablets and mobiles. Whether you're a young gamer or just young at heart, Squla brings the thrill of gaming to the world of education, offering a unique blend of fun challenges and learning experiences. Ready to level up your knowledge? Let's dive into the Squla adventure!

Game Overview

  • Age Group: 3 and up
  • Download Now: Click the button below to join the Squla quest on Sunstar Games

🌟 Introduction to the Game: Kids, it's time to awaken your curiosity on the go with the Squla app for tablets and mobiles! Squla allows you to play and learn anytime, anywhere, even on the move, with free quizzes for non-members.

📱 Play engaging and educational Squla quizzes right on your mobile phone. Members of Squla can easily log in with their Squla accounts. Track your progress in your personal report and collect coins for rewards in the game or real-life gifts!

🔥 Intrigued by the possibilities but want to explore before committing? Download the app and uncover Squla with the free demo!

🎓 Squla app covers content for early years up to K6, making learning a blast for kids. Improve math skills, practice language, explore the capitals of European cities—every child has a reason to join and get excited about Squla.

🎮 Game Features:

  • 🧮 Enhance math skills with fun challenges.
  • 📚 Practice language skills through engaging puzzles.
  • 🌍 Learn about the capitals of European cities in an exciting way.
  • 📊 Track your progress and collect rewards.
  • 🎁 Earn in-game rewards or real-life gifts.
  • 🚀 Interactive games and puzzles based on the curriculum.
  • 🏡 Support learning at home or on the go.

Gear up, young gamers! Download the Squla app now and embark on an epic educational journey that combines the thrill of gaming with the excitement of learning! Join the Squla community and level up your knowledge! 🚀